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Parhelio is a heartfelt film that follows the journey of Sol, an undocumented woman striving to provide for herself and her teenage son Badir, who has a physical disability. Sol's pursuit of a better life takes an unexpected turn when her search for a job leads her to an encounter with two police officers in a parking lot. 


One of them is Luis, a young Latino cop embarking on his first day, driven by a strong sense of justice and dealing with a similar predicament as Sol at home. The other is Damien, his field training officer, who is on the brink of retirement and wrestling with family conflicts. This unexpected twist of fate leaves a lasting impact on each character.

Parhelio explores themes of migration, social inequality, and family dynamics while emphasizing the profound interconnectedness of humanity and the power we possess to shape each other's lives. Through different points of view, the film reveals the deep connection between the characters, showcasing how they share similar struggles at a fundamental human level, even if they remain unaware of it.